About Global Mileage | Reward Management

Global Mileage Management Company Ltd started its journey in Bangladesh on 21st December 2020 as the first reward management company to reward travelers with affiliated benefits from their company partners. The main goal of Global Mileage is to replace the idea of discounts with reward points. Reward points or "Gmileage," can be both redeemed and spent by the users. Their users can avail their provided facilities in flights, shops, hotels, entertainment, and dine-in from 100 local and 15 global partners.

We love to travel every year, Global Mileage is the opportunity to make your travel success through the introduction of our Global Mileage partner shops. Collect Gmileage for every purchase at the shop and redeem the points through a holiday package.

We, Global Management Company, are breaking the barriers in the corporate world with our reward system points and have created a central platform for its associates to maximize their benefits. Global Management Company has partners around the world and is working relentlessly for creating a sustainable future in the corporate world. The companies associated provide customer-orientated services and offers. Global Management Company along with its associates promises a better future for everyone and provides a glimpse of hope for making the future more beneficial for everyone.

Stereotypically, the airline companies reward their customers with airline miles; with most airlines, the customers can enjoy various facilities from respective partners by redeeming their reward points. But as there remains irregularity of traveling through the same airlines, travelers often lose their earned mileage. Global Mileage ensures that the customers are not deprived of what they deserve as their Management brings all these airlines together under one big umbrella.

The idea of Gmileage first came to mind when I grasped the mileage relapse that occurs as different airline companies’ hold different mileage programs. Even after being regular customers, for most of the travelers, this remains a severe issue."

Global Management Company offers a variety of management facilities and is associated with more than 100 global and local partners around the world. The company offers point- based services for its clients and the points can be used for receiving extended services of the company later.

Global Mileage breaks the boundary of limited services for the clients and provides the customers with unlimited access to different services under one platform. Customers can avail all the benefits altogether from all the companies regardless of their travel associate choices. Some of the flight partners associated with Global Management companies include airlines like-Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Cathay-Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Malaysia Airlines, etc.

What is Gmileage?

Gmileage is a reward system which is virtual points the clients can collect by taking the services of the company and its associates ranging across flights, hotels, restaurants, retail, hospitals, car rentals, and entertainment.

Global Mileage Programmes:

Global Mileage management has four programs, each for a specific customer segment.

Gmileage Guest Program:

Gmileage Guest Program is designed to award each traveler with a Gmileage account, upgrading their travel experience through the benefits and perks. These travelers would be able to avail of any of the provided services from the company partners by using their Gmileage or both Gmileage and cash, redeemed through traveling. The Gmileage Company has opened its online reward shop, Gmileage shop, to enhance its user's shopping experience.

Global Management Company allows customers to book flights through their website for any airline. Customers can earn points through flying and spending on partner shops across the world from the website. These points can be used to buy gift cards, raffles, e- vouchers, fine dining, entertainment options, exclusive shopping deals, etc. on the website's online retail shop. Global Management Company allows the users to access multiple company services through one portal. The everyday customer can redeem the points from any of the assorted ways. They can also use Gmileage and cash towards unique perks from company partners.

Corporate Travel Manager Program:

No matter how many people are in your organization, as long as you are a registered company or organization. If you’re part of a company, you’ll earn Business Rewards Gmileage every time your colleague or Management fly. The Corporate Travel Manager Program is for the company employees. By being a Corporate Travel Manager user, an employee of the company who deals with the local partners (Travel agent/ Online Ticket purchase from global mileage website) would earn Gmileage from their management business travel and colleagues. The Corporate Travel Manager The program allows all the employees of an organization, irrespective of size, to use service partners and lets them gain Business Rewards, Global mileage through their business travel. The system developed program offers specific customers to specific partnered organizations according to their needs of the services.

Gmileage Highseller

Suitable for small and medium-sized travel agencies, Earn Gmileage every time you book a flight, hotel, buy gift card as a frontline agent, Gmileage Highsellers is the most thoughtful program of Global Mileage; it is targeted towards the Travel agencies and their customers. The front-line agents would be able to earn their Gmileage when they book for their customers. This program is designed to take into account the customer needs of travel agencies and their agents. If the agent successfully books a customer through Gmileage, then both the agent and the customer can enjoy the benefits.

Gmileage Partners

Gmileage Partners is designed for the affiliated organizations, which offers these companies filtered customers. The Partner program is a way that customers can directly get services from the organizations without much hassle. Any organization interested to reach out to millions of customers and determined to bond a partnership with other associates can join through the online registration process.

Collect Gmileage:

Users can collect points called Gmileage by spending money on services from various partners ranging across flights, Hotels, dine, Retail & Life style, Living, Hospitals & Pharmacy, Car rentals, and Entertainment. Through redeeming accumulated virtual points, Global Mileage users are free to reward themselves with flights, gift cards, raffles, e-vouchers, fine dining, entertainment options, and even exclusive shopping deals on the Gmileage Shop (gmileageshop.com), an online retail hub. When a customer clicks on another company's website from Global Mileage's website to get the service, the customer will get a reward.

Spend Gmileage:

Global Mileage Customers will be able to spend by visiting global mileage partner shops, buy gift cards, book flight tickets and shopping from Reward shop (gmileageshop.com) through cash + Gmileage (points). Globalmileage users can also redeem points through the reward shop name of gmileageshop.com & also can redeem global mileage products or partner shop.

Flight Booking:

Book more than 200+ airline tickets through a global mileage website. You can manage your flight tickets using the “Manage booking” tool. Earn Gmileage every booking you made, automatically will be added gmileage after travel complete.

Boarding Pass Discount Shop:

All the domestic airports host discount shops for our Gmileage users. Customers can use the points to buy from the shop making life accessible when in a hurry. With our aim to honor diversity and making the best possible services accessible for all

Global Mileage Service Facilities:

Do you perpetually fail to save money for your next trip? Your days of worry have come to an end because every time you shop at gmileageshop, you earn gmileage points, which you can redeem while you book your next flight for you and your close ones!

Every time you take any service from Global Mileage partner airlines, hotels, Boarding cards, Beauty Parlour, Dine, or by availing services you require for your everyday lifestyle, for each 100 Taka you spend, you'll earn 1 Gmileage point.

Every time you upload your boarding ticket information of your domestic flights through the company's partner airlines, you'll get 50 Gmileage each boarding pass.

See your account history to see how much you have saved since you've opened your gmileage account!


Through the Reward Shop, members and associates can donate their number of points to well-established non-profit organizations for social causes and benefits.

Partner's facilities:

1. Partner account will be managed by Program Administrator (Manager/admin).
2. The Program Administrator user will have a gmileage guest account.
3. Partner withdraws gmileage, Program Administrator gets commission in personal Global mileage Guest Account.

Tell a friend | Referral Program

Every time you invite a friend to any of the Gmileage guest programs after they open their account, you'll instantly get 10 Gmileage points and 90 Gmileage points in the span of the next nine months! You friend instantly get 10 Gmileage points

Manage Booking:

Add the details of your family members' passports and avail of the services by earning Gmileage points as you book flights for your family member!

Account Verification:

You can open your Gmileage account in 2 easy steps; Select one option from the four programs. Verify your email address and mobile number, and that's it! You are a Global Mileage User.

Gift Card

Gift card products are one of the most widely used global mileage products. At the price at which you purchase products from partners, Global Mileage will give you some benefits. With a gift card you can pay your bills and pay the extra bills in cash.

Scratch Card:

You will get a scratch card from Global Mileage partners every time you avail of the services they provide. Ask for your scratch card with the bill. Send the secret number and the amount of money to the partner through the website. You will get Gmileage if Partner approve purchase. However, you'll have to use this offer within seven days of taking service.

Transfer Gmileage | QR Code Scan

Transfer your Gmileage points via scanning your QR code or insert recipient name and gmileage amount then press transfer.

Add User:

Did you know you can also add users to your Gmileage account? Your added user can avail of all the services and earn Gmileage points logging into your account. Add User facilities only for Gmileage Guest Users.

About Gmileage Shop | Reward Shop

Gmileage Shop started as a Reward redemption shop; Founded in 2020, GmileageShop has since evolved into a retailer committed to providing convenience and accessibility to every guest of Global mileage.
Global Mileage Management Company's guest reward redemption shop is the GmileageShop. You will be able to earn Mileage and spend them as you like. At the same time, you take service from Global Mileage partner airlines, hotels, boarding pass, Beauty Parlor, Dine, or by availing services you require for your everyday lifestyle. Customers can use the reward shop to buy products according to their needs using their Gmileage. The shop has an array of products from varying companies to choose from.

You can earn Gmileage bonuses by staying at one of their partner hotels, shopping from their program partners, shopping from their program partners, or by renting a car from any of their partner car rental companies. You can redeem your Gmileage (points) that you earned to get exclusive offers and authentic products. Furthermore, by using the boarding pass, their users can avail of a specific discount from partner shops.

Add Gmileage | Recharge

Users can buy Gmileage through debit card, credit card and Digital wallet.