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Regent Airways is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Habib Group which is owned by HG Aviation Ltd. The airline began its commercial flight operations on November 10, 2010 using its own fleet of two Canadian aircrafts. The aircraft has become a trusted name due to its exceptional reliability and passenger comfort.

Regent Airways is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HabibGroup which is owned by HG Aviation Ltd. The airline began its commercialflight operations on November 10, 2010 using its own fleet of two Canadianaircrafts. The aircraft has become a trusted name due to its exceptionalreliability and passenger comfort.

Regent Airways always focused on settinginternational standards- starting from extensive infrastructural capabilitiesand modern fleet of aircraft to world-class training of its staff and adoptionof highest safety standards. Across the fleet and for every single flight, Regent Airways givesparamount importance to the safety of its passengers. It is closely workingwith the International Air Transport Association, which trains the airline’sstaff in the areas of safety, security, and customer service.

Tagline: Every little thing matters

Mission: The airline’s mission is to become the preferred air passengercarrier while serving by way of excellence and outstanding quality services interms of comfort, safety and reliability.


·        To become the market leader by providing quality services

·        To become an air carrier with well trained, well equipped anddiverse staff who are continuously developing

·        To strive for better and improvised services in all aspects ofcustomer service


·        To work with a team which shows utmost integrity, honesty andprovides outstanding performance

·        To learn continuously through improvement, innovation andknowledge-sharing

·        To inspire and motivate employees and create enthusiasm in allareas of the organization

Free Baggage Allowance:

·        The following free baggage allowance is available for thefollowing classes:

Business Class

30 Kilograms

Economy Class

20 Kilograms

·        Children between 2-12 years of age for whom, 75% of theapplicable adult base fares are allowed free baggage allowance on the samebasis as an adult fare-paying passenger.

·        Accompanied infant less than 2 years of age and paying 10% ofadult base fare is allowed 10 Kilograms of free baggage allowance.


Check-in: Regentairways usually have long lines during peak travel times. So, passengers areadvised to report at check-in desk 1 hour before the flight schedule as the check-in counter is closed 30minutes before the flight departure for domestic sector. For Internationalflights passengers are advised to report to check-in counter 2 hours prior to theflight schedule, as the check-in counter is closed 1 hour before the flightdeparture.

Wheelchairservice: All Regent Airwaysairport offices have wheelchairs available for the customers.

GP services: In collaboration with Grameen Phone,Regent airways provide GPSTAR customers up to 15% discount on the base fair of air ticket.

1.      12% OFF on Domestic Travel(Economy & Business)

2.      12% OFF on InternationalTravel (Economy)

3.      15% OFF on InternationalTravel (Business)



Ø  DomesticFlights:

·        Snacks and Beverages:Regent Airways provides attractive snack box with fresh snacks like sandwiches,roasted peanuts, mango bars and beverages in it.

·        Newspapers and Magazines: Thepassengers are also provided with a varied line-up of both English and Bengalinewspaper.

Ø  InternationalFlights:

·        Dining: RegentAirways presents the passengers with a wide variety of finest food cooked byprofessional chefs. The menu consists of complete meals and light snacksdepending on the journey.

·        On-board entertainment: Regentensures that the journey becomes enjoyable, comfortable and memorable for eachand every passenger. There are PSU system with a range of local andinternational movies and TV series.

Organizational Structure of RegentAirways:

Regent Airways has different departments within thecompany. Basically, employees in different departments are working with aproper dedication to achieve the breakeven point. Each department is involvedwith other department to achieve organizational goals.

The major departments of Regent Airways are:

·        Central Reservation System (CRS)

·        Pricing

·        Human Resource

·        Accounts & Finance

·        Revenue

·        Procurement

·        Holidays

·        Marketing & sales

·        Audit

·        Customer support

·        Ground service

·        Information and Technology

Regent Airways Mobile App: Regent Airways has launched a mobile app through whichflights can be booked and tickets issued and received over email. Downloadablefrom iTunes or Google Play Store, the app provides updates on flight schedulesand various offers.

Ticketing and Reservation: There are various agents in the ticketing department whoare responsible for ensuring tickets for the customers. The agents probe thecustomers about their requirements like which date they want to travel, do theywant economy or business class etc. After asking all these questions, theagents check the Videocom Reservation System or VRS for the availability oftickets. If the tickets meet the passenger’s requirements, the tickets areissued immediately by the agents.

The agents also re-issue,refund, cancel the tickets and try to help the passengers by any means. Whenany passenger wants to re-issue, refund or cancel the tickets, they have to payextra charges for these services.

There are also two departments that are aligned withthe Ticketing & Reservation Department – Central Reservation System &Pricing.

Central Reservation System: Their duties arealmost like Ticketing & Reservation Department. They also book, issue andre-issue tickets. Besides this, they also monitor all the sales counter (Ticketing& Reservation Department), agencies. If any sales counter or agency facesany problem which is beyond their capacity, then they contact with CRS forfurther help.

Pricing department: This department assists tobook tickets and make the fare for particular tickets like free tickets,winning tickets, special class tickets etc. If passengers come with such typeof tickets to issue, the agents of Ticketing & Reservation Departmentcontact with Pricing Department to issue the tickets.

Figure:A model of the working relationship between these three departments.

Regent Airways Corporate Sales: Withinnovative products and services, Regent Airways Corporate Sales can meet andeven anticipate the most demanding requirements of corporate clients whichcurrently run to more than 300 accounts, including the biggest names in thelocal business scene. Their corporate client includes leading banks,pharmaceuticals, garments industry, buying houses, hotels, NGO’s, leadingcement & steel factories, Embassies, Bangladesh Cricket board etc. Regentprovides several services to them, such as ticket issuing, modification,cancellation, refund and much more.  

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