Cash & Miles

Every time you redeem gmileage with us, you’ll have the option to pay with a combination of Cash+Gmileage.

This instantly brings down the amount of cash you need to pay for your services.

With Cash & Gmileage, you can use your Gmileage as you like, such as for your next flight to your desired destination & many more product.

What is cash & Gmileage?

Use as many Gmileage as you have in your account, even if you don’t have enough for a donation, gift card & raffles. Log in to your Global mileage selected account before you search for donation, gift card, and donation enjoy exclusive Cash+Gmileage rates.

Just look for the Cash+Gmileage redeem a specific amount and spend even less on your product.

How does Cash & Gmileage work?

With Cash & Gmileage, you can simply use your accrued earn gmileage to settle the cost of the various product and services.

  • Login your account one of them Gmileage Guest, Highseller & Corporate Travel Manager.
  • Decide how many Gmileage you would like to redeem
  • Complete the transaction of SSL commerz with adjust your Gmileage amount

Cash & Gmileage FAQs

With Cash & Gmileage you, can redeem your gmileage for all regular flights with Global mileage website. You have the option of using Gmileage to pay for your preferred flight, gift card, donation, raffle and reward shop thereby reducing the share of the cost to be paid in cash.

A lot of Global mileage product you can use cash & Gmileage such as Flight, hotel, shop, dine, entertainment, donation, gift card, raffles and many more.

In addition, you can find the adjustment page before payment & use cash & gmileage click on redeem a specific amount.