Taj Kitchen Mohammadpur



About Taj Kitchen

Taj Kitchen is situated in Mohamamdpur Tajmahal Road. This is a rooftop restaurant which is suitable for Summer, Winter, rainy day's is a great time to enjoy on a rooftop restaurants, which provide breezes and views to go along with great food and drink.

There will be a dashboard for both the partner (Taj Kitchen) and the guest or customer on the web page. The Partner Company or restaurants will have access to the partner dashboard, and the guest will have access to the guest dashboard. A customer with a guest dashboard will go to the restaurant called Taj Kitchen, a partner of global mileage. The guest will present themselves as a customer of Global mileage, and then the restaurant will give them a scratch card. After revealing the numbers or code from the scratch card, the customer will click on the ‘plus’ icon on the web page. The guest needs to fill up the necessary info, such as the code of the scratch card and how much money they spent on that restaurant. After filling in all the essential information, the guest needs to click on the appropriate box below the window on the web page. The transaction will go straight to the history tabs. You will be able to view your trades from there easily. The ‘Gmileage’ the guest earned from that transaction will be added to his account once the partner restaurant has accepted the transaction. The partner will receive the transaction by clicking on the ‘manage guest’ box then clicking on the ‘Scratch card’ the partner will be able to accept the transaction by clicking on ‘accept’ and taking the trade. The ‘Gmileage’ earned by the guest or customer will be added instantly with the previous amount on the guest's account. This is how a guest or customer can earn ‘Gmileage’ points while purchasing different things through ‘Global mileage’.

At a glance,

Step 1: Guest ask for scratch card from partner

Step 2: Guest press plus button and insert scratch card number and amount then apply

Step 3: Partner can check the manage guest menu and find out the request then accept the request

Step 4: Guest earn points in his/her Gmileage account.


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