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Qatar Airways is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar which is headquartered in Doha. The airline operates a hub-and-spoke network connecting more than 170 destinations on the map every day. It is based at Hamad international Airport, using a fleet of more than 200 latest-generation aircraft. Since its launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has earned many awards and accolades, becoming one of an elite group of airlines worldwide to have earned a 5-star rating by Skytrax. It has been voted as the airline of the year by Skytrax in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and most recently in 2019.

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Qatar Airways is the state-owned flag carrier ofQatar which is headquartered in Doha. The airline operates a hub-and-spokenetwork connecting more than 170 destinations on the map every day. It is basedat Hamad international Airport, using a fleet of more than 200latest-generation aircraft. 

Since its launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has earnedmany awards and accolades, becoming one of an elite group of airlines worldwideto have earned a 5-star rating by Skytrax. It has been voted as the airline ofthe year by Skytrax in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and most recently in 2019.


·        1994: Qatar Airways was founded in late November of 1993 and startedoperations on 20th January, 1994.

·        1997: Re-launched with a new management team under the Saudi RoyalFamily.

·        2003: Successfully passed the IOSA safety audit and became the firstairline in the world to receive this prestigious honor.

·        2004: Received the prestigious 5-Star Airline ranking from Skytrax forservice excellence and highest overall quality performance.

·        2006: Opened the world’s first Premium Terminal at Doha InternationalAirport for First and Business Class passengers.

·        2010: Launched its first routes to South America, Buenos Aires and SaoPaulo and became one of the few airlines to fly to all six inhabitedcontinents.

·        2013: In October, it became the first Gulf carrier to join the oneworld Alliance.

·        2014: Launched its all Premium Business Class service from Doha toLondon Heathrow in February. 

·        2016: In April, it opened its new Premium Lounge at DubaiInternational Airport.

·        2017: In January, the airline opened its third internationalpremium lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport at Terminal 1. In March, the newbusiness class cabin, “Q-suites” was launched with a new level of innovation.

·        2020: Expanded its route network to 177 destinations around the worldby announcing 8 new destinations.


·        FirstClass: TheFirst-class cabin features ultra-wide seats tailored in the softest fabric withsignature elements. Central aisle dividers afford more privacy, which can beraised or lowered to provide a feeling of extra spaciousness when travelingwith a companion. The seat automatically reclines into a fully flatbed; thetable can also be extended to allow a passenger and a companion to dine instyle. Sleeper suits, flight slippers and the finest Giorgio Armani amenitiesadd that extra touch of luxury. First Class customers can choose from the à lacarte menu of signature dishes from internationally renowned chefs. A signaturecaviar service is also available as well as a selection of delectable desserts.

·        BusinessClass: QatarAirways was awarded the World’s Best Business Class Seat in 2015. The 1-2-1configuration ensures that every seat in A380 Business Class is an aisle seat. Greatercomfort can be enjoyed and there is generous space with the fully lie-flatseats that convert into a bed in the sky. On-board Wi-Fi makes it easy for passengersto stay connected and there is a power source in every seat for laptop andpersonal devices. Business Class customers can select meals or snacks from an àla carte menu. An overnight meal service is also available for both lateevening meals and early breakfast options.

·        EconomyClass: Space,comfort and clever design come together to deliver A380 Economy Classexperience like no other. Higher ceilings on the main deck and a configurationthat uses fewer seats, all contribute to a real feeling of spaciousness in boththe upper and main deck. The slim, elegant design of the seats offers morelegroom, a greater angle of recline and contoured headrests. In Economy Class, agreat selection of meal is offered, catering for a variety of tastes andpreferences.

·        Cuisine:All the meals are prepared with a focus onthe quality and freshness of ingredients. Services like dine in space,extra-wide seats are available and passengers can choose from a variety ofappetizers, main courses and desserts. The airlines also offer a range ofrefreshments before, during and after meals. Passengers can enjoy a tantalizingcombination of fruity fizz or spicy zest, mocktails and fruit juices. Besides,passengers can also share their meal preferences before the flight departs.

·        OnboardConnectivity: QatarAirways boasts a state-of-the-art communication system. Passengers can stayconnected with the On-Air mobile service. Onboard wi-fi makes it easy to stayon top of work or entertained with uninterrupted access to friends, family,colleagues and clients. Passengers can also use their portable electronicdevices and send SMS and MMS or access the email and browse the internet tostay in touch with everyone on the ground.

·        Qsuite: The Q suite isQatar Airways new Business Class. The highlights of the Q suite are the doorsand dividers which offer privacy, a fully lie-flat bed, in-suite accentlighting and generous storage spaces creating a new standard in comfort.


The Privilege Club:

The Privilege Club is Qatar Airways’ frequent-flyerprogram. Members enjoy a wide range of privileges and benefits designed to maketravelling more rewarding.

Membership Tiers: Privilege club offers fourmembership tiers- Burgundy, Silver, Gold and Platinum- each with their ownexclusive benefits. Burgundy is the starting level and the higher themembership tier, the more the benefits.






150 Q points

300 Q points

600 Q points


135 (270) Q points

270 (540) Q points

540 (1080) Q points

Therequirements for retaining membership tier is slightly lower than therequirements for upgrading.

Miles and Points: There are three types of point in Qatar Airways PrivilegeClub.

·        Q Miles: The amount of Q miles earned depends on the membership tier, the airlinetravelled and the class of travel and distance. Apart from flying there areother ways of earning Q miles. Q miles are valid for a minimum period of threeyears and will expire at the end of the six-month calendar period, January toJune or July to December. For Platinum members, Q miles will never expire foras long as they retain the membership tier.

·        Q Points: To upgrade or retainthe Privilege Club membership tier one needs Q points. A passenger earns Q pointson any flight marketed and operated by Qatar Airways or any one-world memberairline. However, no points will be earned if travelled with airline partnersoutside of one-world. Itis not too hard to upgrade to a higher membership tier with Qatar Airways Privilege Club. Especially if a passenger travels onQatar Airways flights. Depending on the booking class, a passenger almostbecomes Silver tier after a single return trip from New York to Hong Kong ineconomy class. If a passenger is traveling in business class, the same journeywill almost take him to Gold tier. If a passenger is few Q points short ofupgrading or retaining a certain membership tier, he can buy Q points once in a36-month period at a rate of $25.

·        Q Credits: Q credits are the latest addition to Qatar Airways PrivilegeClub. As a Gold or Platinum tier, members are awarded 40 or 60 Q creditsrespectively for each 12-month period. As a Platinum member one can earnadditional 10 Q credits for every 100 Q points earned above 600 Q points. Qcredits can be used to redeem award upgrades and excess luggage. Passengers canalso use Q credits to pay award fees.

Member Benefits:

·        Asa Silver tier, a member earns 25% tier bonus on Q miles on QatarAirways flights. If the member is using the Family program, family members willalso earn additional Q miles. The member will also get business class check-in,25% discount on preferred economy class seats and lounge access in Doha and at selected lounges worldwide.

·        Asa Gold tier, a member will receive a 75% tier bonus on Q miles andeven more mileage per family member. The gold tier member and a guestcan access even more lounges, and will also receive 4 “one visit” guestlounge passes at Hamad International Airport. The member can also make use ofAl Maha Gold service during arrival, departure, or transfer through HamadInternational Airport. Moreover, the members enjoy a 5% discount on onlineredemptions, better award availability, award-fee waivers and complimentary Q credits.

·        At Platinum tier, membersget a 100% tier bonus on Q miles and 60 complimentary Q credits every 12months. Members also earn an additional 10 Q credits for every 100 Q pointsearned over 600 Q points. The platinum tier member and two guests can accesseven more lounges and if they fly business class, they can even experiencethe amazingAl Safwa First Class Lounge atHamad International Airport.

Earning Q Miles and Q Points: There are several ways of earningpoints:

·        Flying:A member earns Q miles and Qpoints by flying with Qatar Airways and one-world airlines. Q miles can also beearned on airline partners and codeshare airlines, where the airline partner isnot a one-world carrier. The amount of Q miles earned depends on the membershiptier, booking class, distance and airline.

·        CreditCards: In addition to offeringseveral co-branded credit cards, Qatar Airways Privilege Club also partnerswith a few transferable points credit cards. The latter, using cards fromCapital One or Citi Bank, is probably the easiest way for Americans to earn Q milesfrom credit card spend.

·        RentalCards: Privilege Club harpartnership with most international car rental companies like Avis, Budget,Europcar, Hertz and Six. Members can also earn Q miles through Rentalcars.comwhen they book through Qatar Airways’ Rental cars microsite.

·        Hotels:Qatar Airways Privilege Clubhas more than 50 hotel partners that will either earn Q miles directly ortransfer points to Q miles. Members can also earn Q miles through online travelagencies like Agoda, or Rocket miles.

·        Travelsand services: Qatar Airways has partnershipwith several retailers and service providers. Many of these are located in Dohaand out of reach unless Doha is the final destination. One very interestingpartner however is Qatar Duty Free. Since traveling with Qatar Airways willalways involve arrival, departure or transfer through Hamad InternationalAirport, Qatar Duty Free will actually let earn Q miles while spending time atthe airport.

       FamilyProgram: With the Privilege Club Family Program, members can share theirbenefits with their family and pool Q miles earned by family members into asingle account for quicker awards. Each family member will receive their ownmembership cards, but only the main member will be able to redeem award flightsand other services. Themain member can nominate up to nine close family members, choosing from theirspouse, children older than two years and parents. Family members’ flightactivities do not earn Q points.

Baggage: Qatar Airwaysprovides a generous baggage allowance for ensuring excellent travel experience.
Carry-on Allowance: Passengers are allowed to carry-on at least one pieceof baggage for free depending on the class, as well as any duty-free items.They may also carry other necessary items such as a small camera or a walkingstick onboard.
• First Class Passengers: 2 pieces not exceeding33lb/ 15kg
• Business Class Passengers: 2 pieces notexceeding 33lb/ 15kg
• Economy Class Passengers: 1 piece notexceeding 15lb/ 7kg

Checked Baggage Allowance:

Flights to and from Brazil:
• 2pieces, each not to exceed 70lb (32 kg) and a maximum dimension of 62in (158cm)
Flights between Brazil and Argentina:
• 2 pieces each, not to exceed 50lb (23 kg)and a maximum dimension of 62 in (158 cm)
All other flights to and from Argentina, Canada,and the U.S:
• First and Business Class: 2 pieces each notexceeding 70lb/ 32kg maximum dimensions 62in/ 158cm
• Economy Class: 2 pieces each not exceeding50lb/ 23kg maximum dimensions 62in/ 158cm
Flights to and from all other destinations:
• First Class: 110lb (50kg)
• Business Class: 88lb (40kg)
• Economy Class: 66lb (30kg)
Excess, Overweight, Oversize baggage fees: If members have more bags than the permittedallowance or if the bags exceed the weight or linear restrictions, they will becharged additional fees.

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