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US-Bangla Airlines is the leading premium airline of Bangladesh, with impeccable standards of service equipped with incomparable reliability and ultimate flying comfort. It has also reached the milestone for the best on-time performance.

US-Bangla Airlines is the leading premium airline ofBangladesh, with impeccable standards of service equipped with incomparable reliabilityand ultimate flying comfort. It has also reached the milestone for the beston-time performance.


The vision of US-Banglais to become the most preferred Airline of Asia through offering a dependable,safe and comfortable service. They aim at achieving absolute excellence in allthe aspects of operation through honest dedication.


·        To expand internationally by providingcost-effective air travel options.

·        To provide outstanding and highest levelof service through well-trained and dedicated employees.

·        To be consistent in applying higheststandards of safety, comfort and ease.


·        Safety

·        Efficiency

·        Teamwork

·        Consistent learning

·        Contribution to the nation’s economy


·        TheUSBA has been adjudged as "The Best Domestic Airlines" - for the year2014 & 2015 by Bangladesh Travelers Forum.

·        It is theonly Airlines to receive the ISO 9001:2008 Certification which conforms toUniversal Safety Oversight Audit Program.

·        It hasalso been audited and certified by the Chevron Company for their officials.

·        Qualifiedand highly experienced foreign and local Aircraft Maintenance engineersmaintain the airline’s aircraft.


US-BanglaAirlines commenced operations with domestic flights on 17th July 2014 with an expressed motto “Fly Fast Fly Safe”.A United States-Bangladesh joint venture company named US-Bangla is the ownerof this airlines. It has operated the maximum number of flights with themaximum number of passengers which is about 50% of the total domestic marketshare.

Three mostimportant aspects i.e. Safety, On-time performance and Passengers’ comfort arealways given utmost importance by this airline. They try to maintain on-timedeparture very rigorously which is about 98.7%; the highest amongst allBangladesh national and non-government carriers.


·       Meet and Assist Services: Travelers have to requestfor this service at the time of booking and generally commences after check-in.All kinds of VIP, CIP and special services are included here.

·       Disability and wheel chair services: Travelers can also requesta wheelchair during the booking process at the sales counter or during check-inat the airport.

·        Unaccompanied minors: Children between the ages of 5 and 15 years(up to but not including the 16th birthday) can travel alone

·      Cargo Facility: US-Bangla provides the facility to transportcargo by air in their flight routes. For availing the cargo facility, travelershave to pay Tk 100 per kg.

·     Fish Carrying: Fish can be transported through the cargofacility provided that it is packed properly without any leakage. The charge isincluded in baggage rate or the cargo rate will be applicable to the availingcargo facility.

·       Pet animals: Pet animals can also be carried providedthat it is properly caged and clean. The vaccination certificate should also beprovided. In this case, the cargo rate will be applicable.

·        Bus Services: To ensure utmost passenger comfort,US-Bangla offers air-conditioned bus services for its passengers.

·        Ticket Home delivery: Travelers can get their tickets homedelivered and pay cash on delivery. 

·        In flight catering: US-Bangla strives to provide the bestquality food to their passengers.

·        FirstAid Assistance: In case of any emergency on board, first aid services areprovided to the passengers.


US-Bangla Airlines possesses a solidreputation in the domestic region as a reliable partner for scheduled flightservices. They ensure a seamless, comfortable and enjoyable charter experiencethat satisfies even the most demanding clients: government officials, athleticteams, tour operators, multinational corporations.

US-Bangla provides tailored and personalized,cost-effective travel experience to suit the unique requirements, be it anexclusive corporate event, confidential meeting/conference, investorhospitality, wedding or a grand getaway with friends.


SkyStar Program:

TheSky Star Program is designed for frequent flyers of US-Bangla Airlines to maketheir journey more rewarding. This loyalty program is set to encourage airlinetravelers. Customers will have enhanced travel experience enrolled in theprogram through accumulating Points (also called Sky Star Miles) which may thenbe redeemed for air travel or other rewards.

Employee Satisfaction: Most of the employees are satisfied with the workingconditions of US-Bangla. The employers respect the employees by acknowledgingtheir rights, opinions, wishes, experience and competence. Moreover, theemployees are provided with enough opportunities to maintain a work-lifebalance.

Obstacles in the development of US-Bangla Airlines: The country’s ever shiftingpolitical and economic climate cause challenges that are unavoidable. Air traffic,terrorism, passenger comfort, technology, labor relations, pilot shortage, fumeevents, fuel price, climate change are also throwing constant challenges tothese airlines.

International Flights and Domestic Flights: Currently, the airline company is giving boththe routes equal importance to ensure greater passenger benefits. Moreover, toexpand its business market the company is introducing more internationalroutes. The airline carries passengers to various domestic destinations butmost of its domestic flight is from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. So, the airlineprovides many offers and packages such as, various luxurious and deluxe hotelfacilities, spot site seeing, transportation facilities etc.

Strategicpartnership with other airlines: Managing an airline is a tough business because it is expensive,competitive and unpredictable. So, to maximize strength and expertise US-Banglacan form strategic alliances with other airline companies. As a result, it willbe able to reap the following benefits:

·   ImprovedCustomer Satisfaction: From the customer’s standpoint, airline partnerships offerconvenience, flexibility and options. So the travelers can leverage theroutes, times, and offering of multiple airlines all through a single booking.  

·      RevenueCreation: Thereis an underlying fundamental rule in the airline industry: revenue is onlygenerated when seats are filled. So, through partnership both airlines canoffer two flight time options to their passengers, and only have to worry aboutselling roughly half the seats on each flight.

·      Betteruse of resources: By pooling resources like equipment, airport lounges,check-in counters both airlines can benefit from a single set of resources asprovided by one of the two partners at a given airport.

·    Optionsand Flexibility: Every passenger undoubtedly experiences the frustrations ofair travel at some point: weather delays, mechanical problems and lost baggage,to name few. The ability, therefore, for an airline to offer alternatearrangements on a partner airline when there are issues within the system is amajor advantage, not only for the airline, but for the passengers.

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